ET170-020 1/2-inch FPT X 1/2-inch SCHEDULE 40 PVC SLIP ADAPTER

❤ INLET: The ET170-020 is designed with a 1/2-inch female threaded inlet that accommodates the 1/2-inch MIPT threaded tubing adapters from Air Gap International.

❤ USE: The outlet of the ET170-020 connects to a 1/2-inch PVC slip that is available on the inlets of AG100-001, AG130-001, and AG140-XXX air gaps.

❤ MATERIAL: The ET170-020’s body is made of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material.

Data sheet available

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The ET170-020 Schedule 40 PVC Slip x FPT coupling adapter is used to create a female pipe thread connection for ET170 series adapters. The adapter consists of two female ends. The inlet is threaded (1/2-inch FPT) and the outlet is a 1/2-inch slip joint. The slip outlet fits into the AG100-001, AG130-001, AG140-001, and AG140-002 air gaps inlet. Slip connections may require primer/glue to securely attach to the air gap.

The ET170-020 works best in conjunction with ET170 adapters and is designed to provide multitude of connection options. The ET170-020 is ideal to use with water softeners, iron filters, reverse osmosis filters, and boiler overflow.