About Us


Air Gap Internationalâ„¢ is the leading manufacturer of plumbing air gaps, dedicated to designing and manufacturing products that are independently tested, comply with plumbing codes, and ensure safe water supply for households and businesses.


We have designed, manufactured, and supplied plumbing code-listed air gap units to the water treatment industry for over 30 years. Our philosophy is to provide high performance, easy-to-install units at a reasonable price. We offer the most diverse line of air gap products — water softener, back washable filters, reverse osmosis, kidney dialysis, and unique dishwasher air gaps (required by UPC code) – as well as connection couplings and drain line fittings.

All of our air gaps are tested to NSF, UPC, and IPC standards to ensure safe usage and safe materials. Our facility is inspected by independent testing facilities for manufacturing compliance with applicable codes.