AG140-001 2-inch Drain Pipe Washing Machine Air Gap

  • Designed to fit into recessed washing machine outlet boxes with 2 inches drain pipe
  • A flow straightener to quiet and smooth out turbulent flow
  • Allow space for washer drain hook or soft rubber washer hose
  • Comes with mounting base for 2″ pipe
  • Provides 1/2-inch PVC slip connection with O-ring sealer


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The AG140 series water softener air gaps are designed to share the drain with a washing machine. Water softeners are typically located near the laundry facilities in the garage, basement or in the laundry room for convenient access to the house drainage piping.

The important feature of this air gap is its ability to share a drain with a washing machine drain hose. It is easy to use and legal to install in any state. The AG140 series air gap is listed by UPC and tested for compliance with IPC and NSF standards.

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