Air Gap International is committed to environmental stewardship and are proactive in our efforts to mitigate the environmental impact of our operations.

We embrace adoption of WEEE and RoHS standards; and though it was only required in certain countries, we converted all of our products for sale in the U.S. and throughout the world to environmentally friendly RoHS 2.0 compliance.

We also practice green thinking in our daily operations: recycling paper and toner cartridges and using rechargeable batteries. We also use electronic media for things that traditionally were kept on paper, such as employee manuals, work instructions, user guides, and drawings. Where possible, we use motion detectors to turn off lights in rarely used areas or task lighting in place of overhead warehouse lights.

For over 30 years Air Gap International has made every effort to reduce landfill waste. For example, excess packaging material from the production process and clean packaging from our receiving department makes great packing material in shipping. Cardboard boxes and pallets are reused or stored for pickup by local merchants who need them.

Air Gap International recognizes that international companies must show leadership in caring for the environment and demonstrate a commitment to the health and quality of life of future generations. We will continue to apply environmentally friendly processes in all our operations.