ET170-019 Drip Noise Reduction Membrane for ET117-001/002 air gaps

❤ DESIGN: The ET170-019 is designed with a 1-1/4-inch diameter main body with a height that measures 1/2-inch. Once the ET170-019 is installed into the ET117-001 or ET117-002 air gap, the full diameter of the main body covers the internal diameter of the air gap.

❤ USE: The ET170-019 is designed as a drip noise prevention membrane specifically for ET117-001 or ET117-002 air gap. It is an optional accessory for the those two air gap models and is ordered separately.

❤ MATERIAL: The ET170-019’s body is made from white polypropylene.

Data sheet available

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The ET170-019 is a dripping noise reduction membrane that is designed to minimize sound caused by dripping water from the ET117-001 and ET117-002. It is an optional accessory for the ET117-001 and ET117-002 series air gaps.

The ET170-019 is installed from the bottom (outlet) of the ET117-001 or ET117-002 air gap. For easy installation, place it on a flat surface with its ribs up and align it with the bottom of the ET117-XXX air gap. Push the ET117-XXX air gap down towards the ET170-019 membrane so that it is firmly planted into the bottom of the air gap.