ET117-002 3/8″ Quick Connect & PVC Trap Air Gap

  • Provides easy connection to 1-1/2-inch standpipe drain
  • Splash guard assures complete dry operation
  • Can be pressure fit or glued to a plastic standpipe
  • Recommended usage up to 15 gallons/minute flow rate
  • Legal to install in any state UPC Listed, IPC and NSF tested
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The ET117-XXX series universal water softener or water filter air gaps are designed to provide a convenient way to install an air gap into 1-1/2-inch standpipe drain. This air gap can be connected to a water filtration system using flex tubing. The unique design provides a completely protected air gap without any possibility of water splashing out. The inlet accommodates flex tubing for a leak-proof installation in tight spaces. The right-angle outlet provides a convenient way of connecting discharge water to a drain line.

This air gap is easy to use and legal to install in any state. The ET117 series air gaps are listed by UPC (Uniform Plumbing code) and tested for compliance with IPC (International Plumbing Code) and NSF standards.

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