AG250-811 Hands-Free Sink Pedal with Constant Flow Lock, Stainless Steel, Mechanical Cord Control

❤ MECHANICAL VALVE INSTALLATION: The AG250-811 Hands-free sink pedal offers easy installation with a few tools. The AG250-811 comes with the AG250-002 cold/hot potable water mechanical valve which is mounted to the wall under the sink using supplied bushings and screws, with the water flow directions arrow pointing up. The valve’s inlet ports connect to the water supply hoses provided with the unit. The outlet ports connect to the hot/cold hoses from the faucet.

❤ SINK PEDAL INSTALLATION: The AG250-811 comes with the stainless steel AG250-103 sink pedal, which provides hands-free faucet operation when installed with the AG250-002 mechanical valve. The AG250-103 is mounted at the edge of the under-sink cabinet by drilling a few holes and fastening the pedal with included screws. The actuator cable from the valve is then passed through a 1-inch hole under the cabinet plate.

❤ HANDS-FREE OPERATION: The AG250-811 is designed to provide precise hands-free control of the water flow for your convenience and help save water. Water flows from the faucet when the pedal is pressed, and the flow stops when the pedal is released. The constant flow lock built in the AG250-103 kitchen pedal enables a continuous water flow when needed. Simply press the right side of the pedal to let water flow continuously. For non-continuous flow, press the left side of the pedal.

❤ HOT/COLD WATER CONNECTION: The AG250-811 controls both hot and cold water as the AG250-002 valve connects to both hot and cold water supply hoses.

❤ VALVE SPECIFICATIONS: The AG250-811 valve is rated for 1,000,000 operations.


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The AG250-811 Tap-A-Flow hands-free sink pedal is ideal for residential kitchens and bathrooms, medical offices, public washrooms, and commercial kitchens. Its hands-free operation keeps your faucets clean. Using the sink pedal significantly reduces water usage and provides precise control of the water flow.

The AG250-811 is ideal for an active family with day-to-day faucet usage. Once installed in a kitchen, many users do not want to switch back to hand-adjustable faucets. The convenience of hands-free operation makes the sink pedal an essential accessory to any kitchen installation. Pressing on the center of the pedal starts water flow, pressing on the right side of the pedal, locks pedal for continuous water flow.

For parents with young children, older adults with limited mobility, and toddlers who can’t reach faucets yet, the sink pedal offers convenience and water conservation.

The Tap-A-Flow sink pedal comes with everything included to ensure a quick and straightforward installation. The control cord is simple to route and provides many years of trouble-free operation. To install Tap-A-Flow, drill a few holes, route control cord, and mount the valve in line with hot and cold water.