AG250-103 Tap-A-Flow Stainless Steel Pedal And Lock For AG250-002 Valve

❤ EASY INSTALLATION: The AG250-103 is a stainless steel floor pedal that is easy to install with few tools. The AG250-103 is installed with the AG250-002 mechanical valve. The AG250-103 is mounted at the edge of the under-sink cabinet with included screws. The actuator cable from the AG250-002 valve is then passed through a 1-inch hole, and then it is connected to the AG250-103 pedal.

❤ CONTROL: The AG250-103 provides precise hands-free control of the water flow when used in combination with the AG250-002 mechanical valve. The actuator cable from the AG250-002 valve is connected to the AG250-103 pedal through a 1-inch hole under the cabinet plate. Water flows out of the faucet once the pedal is pressed.

❤ HANDS-FREE OPERATION: The AG250-103 provides a smooth, comfortable, and water-saving operation for you and your family. Water flows from the faucet when the pedal is pressed, and the flow stops when the pedal is released. The constant flow lock built in the AG250-103 kitchen pedal enables a continuous water flow when needed. Simply press the right side of the pedal to let water flow continuously. For non-continuous flow, press the left side of the pedal.

❤ PEDAL SPECIFICATIONS: The AG250-103 is designed with a stainless steel finish and is compatible with the AG250-002 mechanical water valve.

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The AG250-103 Tap-A-Flow stand-alone hands-free sink pedal is ideal for bathrooms, medical offices, and public washrooms. Its hands-free operation helps keep your faucets clean. Using the sink pedal significantly reduces water usage and provides precise control of the water flow.

The AG250-103 is ideal for an active family with day-to-day faucet usage. Once installed in a restroom, many users do not want to switch back to hand-adjustable faucets. The convenience of hands-free operation makes the sink pedal an essential accessory to any restroom installation. Pressing on the center of the pedal starts water flow, and releasing the pedal stops the water flow. The AG250-103 is a stand-alone model useful for pedestal-type sinks, hanging cabinet sinks, or BBQ outdoor sinks.

For parents with young children, older adults with limited mobility, and toddlers who can’t reach faucets yet, the stand-alone sink pedal offers convenience and water conservation. With the sink pedal, there is no more “forgetting to turn the water off” problem. Older adults with hearing difficulties appreciate that convenience.

The Tap-A-Flow sink pedal works with AG250-002 mechanical water valve and is included with AG250-811 installation kit. To install Tap-A-Flow sink pedal, drill a few holes, route control cable, and mount the valve in-line with hot and cold water.