AG250-003 Tap-a-Flow Hot/Cold Water Electrical Valve

  • Provides hands-free operation of sinks
  • Hot/cold water control
  • Electrically activated with a battery
  • 1/2″ inlet x 1/2″ outlet
  • Typical installation time: 45 minutes
  • 3 year warranty
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The Tap-a-Flow provides a hands-free method of operating a sink via the simple press of a pedal. The AG250-003 model is the electrical valve, which utilizes a battery for smoother operation. The valve controls both hot and cold water. For applications with only cold water control, the hot water side is not used.

Convenience: Ideal for residential kitchens, bathrooms, medical offices, public washrooms, and commercial kitchens. Turn on hot water while hands are full with the tap of your foot.

Cleanliness: Keep your faucet pristine. Avoid cross contamination from raw foods, preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses. Keep dirt in the sink where it belongs.

Conservation: Eliminate water waste by preventing continuous and unrestricted flow of water when the faucet is not in use. Use water only when needed with precise control.


Valve Body:
Valve Control:
Silicone Membrane
Activation Cable:
Stainless Steel
Port Size: 1/2″ inlet & 1/2″ outlet


Pedal Rating: 120,000 operations
Valve Rating: 180,000 operations
Activation Cable:
160,000 operations


3 years



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