ET200-002 Twin Inlet Airgap with 1/2″ MIPT x 5/8″ Barb Insert

  • Perfect for dual compartment dishwashers requiring two airgaps to the drain
  • Large inlet chambers and inner cap design accommodate high flow rates and prevent clogging
  • Install new or replace existing single inlet dishwasher airgap
  • Perform maintenance easily from counter top if clogging ever occurs
  • Available in bright chrome, solid colors, and metallic finishes
  • True 1″ vertical airgap open to atmosphere
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Perfect for non-airgap RO faucets
  • Reduces or eliminates noisy RO drains
  • Fully ported inlets and outlet
  • IAPMO/UPC & IPC Listed

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Combination Twin Inlet Dishwasher Air Gap

The ET200-002 is a combination twin inlet dishwasher air gap designed for dual compartment dishwashers, under counter reverse osmosis appliances, and water softeners. It features a versatile 1/2″ female thread inlet that provides the option of using a 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, or 5/8″ push-in adapter, or various barb adapter sizes. The ET200-002 is a true air gap that will accommodate flow rates from high output reverse osmosis membranes without the need for an air gap faucet.

The combination twin inlet dishwasher air gap provides many advantages over other air gaps available on the market and also insures safety and piece of mind that your water supply is uncontaminated. These advantages include:

  • Accommodates a variety of adapter sizes
  • Tested and listed for compliance with applicable plumbing codes to ensure legal installation
  • Dual ports to accommodate drainage flow from a dual dishwasher
  • Extra large drain port to minimize clogging
  • Legal to install in any state

The combination twin inlet dishwasher air gap is listed by UPC© and tested for compliance with IPC© and NSF© standards. A common misconception is that a “high loop” (routing a drain line above a sink’s flood level, for instance) and a wye connection will provide the same function as an air gap; this is not true, because the continuous connection between dishwasher and drain line still will allow back-flow through siphoning. To avoid portable water contamination (dirty water in your dishwasher), an air gap must be installed for dual dishwasher’s drainage lines.


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