ET200-002 Dual Air Gap for Double Drawer Dishwasher

❤ INLET PORTS: The ET200-002 accepts two standard 5/8-inch inside diameter hoses from a dual dishwasher. The hoses from the dishwasher slide onto the side ports and are secured using stainless worm clamps (not included). Make sure there are no kinks in the hose and that water passes freely. Both sides of the dishwasher can be operational at the same time. This air gap is compatible with all dual dishwashers.

❤ OUTLET PORTS: The drainage side of the air gap connects to a 7/8-inch inside diameter hose, which routes discharge water to the side drain connection on the garbage disposal. This hose is available from Home Depot (search for “PVC Disposal Discharge Hose”). When installing this hose, make sure that there is no sagging or loops. Any sagging will create standing water and will restrict the proper draining of the air gap. Secure both ends of the hose with a 1-inch stainless steel worm clamp.

❤ THREADED BODY: The ET200-002 has a body with a long thread which enables mounting of the air gap through a standard countertop. Countertop thickness can be up to 1-3/4-inches, and it does not require any special modification to accommodate this air gap. The body of the air gap made from extra durable plastic to resists bending or deforming.

❤ MOUNTING NUT: The ET200-002 has a durable mounting nut that will not strip or become loose. The multi-threaded nut can be tightened without the worry of damaging threads. This configuration provides a simple and reliable installation that prevents leaks and assures trouble-free operation after the air gap is installed.

❤ DECORATIVE CAP: The ET200-002 comes with a standard polished chrome cap. ET170 series caps are available to match with your kitchen sink faucet. Select the cap that is closest to the color of the faucet. Caps are sold separately.

❤ COMPATIBILITY: Our reverse osmosis air gaps such as the ET200-002 are not compatible with reverse osmosis faucets with air gap.  


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A dishwasher air gap is a critical component in maintaining a safe water supply. It prevents contaminants in the sink from flowing into the dishwasher and is required by code in most states.

The ET200-002 dual dishwasher air gap provides many advantages over other air gaps available on the market and ensures safety and peace of mind that your water supply is clean.

A common misconception is that a “high loop” (routing a drain line above a sink’s flood level, for instance) and a wye connection will provide the same function as an air gap; this is not true, because uninterrupted hose between dishwasher discharge port and drain line will still allow back-flow through siphoning.

This air gap is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain. The ET200-002 air gap is listed by UPC® and tested for compliance with IPC® and NSF® standards.

Optional accessories are  available for the ET200-002: