ET170-228 Brushed Stainless Steel Decorative Cap (Solid Brass) for ET200-XXX series air gaps

❤ Brushed stainless steel provides an excellent match for their kitchen appliances, cabinet hardware, and designer faucets.

❤ This product will withstand years of cleaning and washing. The solid brass fixture will not need replacement due to rust or corrosion.

❤ Brushed stainless steel cap provides a highly decorative appearance in the kitchen. This color makes brass caps a good choice for appliances, cabinet hardware, and other high-traffic areas in home décor.

❤ Brushed stainless steel has a cooler tone for a beautiful appearance.

❤ The ET170-228 fits ET200-XXX dishwasher air gap units. Additional colors are available to match your kitchen décor.

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The ET170-228 is a solid brass decorative cap for ET200-XXX series dishwasher and reverse osmosis air gaps. The ET170-228 solid brass decorative cap replaces the default polished chrome plastic decorative cap on the following dishwasher air gaps: ET200-001, ET200-002, and ET200-004.

This decorative cap provides a highly decorative appearance in any kitchen. Many homeowners prefer brushed stainless steel as it provides an excellent match for kitchen appliances, cabinet hardware, and designer faucets. The ET170-228 solid brass cap is strong and durable as it is resistant to corrosion. Its brushed stainless steel finish has a cool tone which helps disguise fingerprints and blemishes.

The ET170-228 is easy to install and remove for cleaning air gaps. ET170-228 is a decorative cap that complies with UPC standards for dishwasher air gaps. It is tested with ET200-001, ET200-002, and ET200-004 to pass UPC and IPC testing. This cap is also tested for compliance with NSF requirements.

To clean your new decorative cap, use soap and warm water. Do not use abrasives or abrasive sponges so as not to leave permanent scratches or cause damage to the protective surface.