ET170-213 Polished Nickel Decorative Brass Cap for ET200-XXX series air gaps

❤ The ET170-213 decorative air gap cap is composed of solid brass.

❤ The ET170-213 fits any ET200-xxx series combination dishwasher air gaps. Additional colors are available to match your kitchen decor.

The ET170-213 is a Polished Nickel decorative cap for the ET200-XXX series dishwasher air gaps. The ET170-213 Polished Nickel cap replaces the standard Chrome cap on the following dishwasher air gaps: ET200-001 and ET200-002, as well as provide covering for the ET200-004.

This decorative cap provides a more aesthetically pleasing look in the kitchen. Many homeowners prefer this cap to match the kitchen appliances including designer faucets, while the brass composition provides security and durability for peace of mind.