ET120-001 1-inch Female Threaded Inlet x 2-inch Outlet Multipurpose Air Gap

  • 1-inch threaded inlet for use with MIPT Schedule-40 nipples and adapters
  • Installs onto 2-inchs ABS or PVC Schedule-40 standpipes
  • Made from white ABS resin to ASTM specifications
  • Solid connection ensures a safe and professional installation
  • Prevents splash or spray escaping through the airgap window
  • UPC listed, IPC NSF tested, ASME A112.1.3 compliant

Slight color variation of plastic material is normal for this product. Color can vary from white to light beige.

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The ET120-001 Universal Air Gap is designed for commercial water treatment equipment and condensate lines that require an air gap discharge to the drain. This air gap drain line adapter is perfect for applications where rigid Schedule-40 pipe must be plumbed to an approved air gap device. The ET120-001 provides a convenient, ready-made, true air gap for all Schedule-40 DWV standpipes.

This air gap is easy to use and legal to install in any state. The ET120 air gap is listed by UPC and tested for compliance with IPC and NSF standards.