ET117-008 Water Softener Air Gap with 1/2-inch Barb Connector for Installation on a 1-1/2-inch Standpipe with PVC Trap Adapters

❤ SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The ET117-008 is designed for connecting discharge water tubing from a water softener to a drain line. Its 1/2-inch barb inlet accommodates a 1/2-inch ID poly tube, while its 1-1/2-inch OD outlet connects to a 1-1/2-inch standpipe drain. Included PVC adapters provide for a secure connection to the standpipe. A black vinyl end cap (P/N ET170-018) is offered as an optional accessory for the ET117-008 when the air gap is not in use. The ET117-008 can be pressure fit or glued to a plastic standpipe.

❤ STANDPIPE CONNECTION: The ET117-008 has a 1-1/2-inch OD outlet that connects to a 1-1/2-inch standpipe. The air gap can adapt to different pipe materials and sizes with the use of additional adapters or couplers. The air gap’s flow capacity is 15 gallons/minute.

❤ DRY OPERATION: The ET117-008 is designed with a splash guard to assure a completely dry operation.

❤ CERTIFICATION: The ET117-008 is legal to install in any state. It is UPC® (Uniform Plumbing Code) Listed, IPC® (International Plumbing Code), and NSF® (National Sanitation Foundation) tested. These certifications assure that every product is safe to use. The testing is conducted for every manufactured lot to ensure consistent performance.

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The ET117-008 water softener air gap is designed to provide a convenient way to install an air gap into a 1-1/2-inch standpipe drain. The air gap’s splash-resistant design protects the air gap’s surroundings from water damage. The inlet accommodates flex tubing for leak-proof installation in tight spaces. The right-angle inlet provides a convenient way of connecting discharge water tubing to a drain line.

This air gap is easy to use and legal to install in any state. The ET117 series air gaps are listed by UPC (Uniform Plumbing code) and tested for compliance with IPC (International Plumbing Code) and NSF standards.

Optional accessory is available for the ET117-008:


1/2″ ID x 1″ DEEP END CAP