ET115-002 Water Filter/Softener Air Gap With 3/4-inch Female Threaded Inlet for Use With 1-1/2-inch or 2 inches (with coupler) Standpipe

❤ SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The ET115-002 is designed for connecting discharge water tubing from a water softener system to a drain line. Its 3/4-inch MIPT threaded inlet accepts a 3/4-inch threaded PVC pipe or the 3/4-inch threaded ET170-XXX series air gap adapters (models -009 to -014). The ET115-002 installs to a 1-1/2 inches OD standpipe or 2 inches OD standpipe with 2-inch couplers. The ET115-002 can be pressure fit or glued to a plastic standpipe.

❤ STANDPIPE CONNECTION: The ET115-002 connects to a 1-1/2 inches OD standpipe or 2 inches OD standpipe with couplers. The air gap’s flow capacity is 15 gallons/minute.

❤ DRY OPERATION: The ET115-002 is designed with a splash guard to assure a dry operation. It is also recommended to install the ET115-002 at least 18 inches above the P-Trap to avoid water splashing back from the air gap.

❤ CERTIFICATION: The ET115-002 is legal to install in any state. It is UPC® (Uniform Plumbing Code) Listed, IPC® (International Plumbing Code), and NSF® (National Sanitation Foundation) tested. These certifications assure that every product is safe to use. The testing is conducted for every manufactured lot to ensure consistent performance.

Slight color variation of plastic material is normal for this product. Color can vary from white to light beige.

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The ET115-002 universal water softener or water filter air gap is designed to provide a convenient way to install an air gap into 1-1/2-inch standpipe drain. This air gap can be connected using a rigid PVC pipes or flex tubing with adapters. The unique design provides a completely protected air gap without any possibility of water splashing out. The inlet accommodates 3/4-inch threaded PVC pipes or adapters.

It is easy to use and legal to install in any state. The ET115-002 air gap is listed by UPC and tested for compliance with IPC and NSF standards.

Optional accessories are available for the ET115-002: