ET109-001 1/4″ Quick Connect Push-In Inlet Reverse Osmosis Drain Line Adapter

  • Comes with all the fittings and instructions needed for installation
  • Uses standard plumbing fittings to meet code requirements nationwide
  • Resists clogging for life long trouble-free operation
  • Eliminates gurgling noise from RO system
  • No drilling into wet pipes
  • UPC Listed, IPC and NSF tested, ASTM F 409 compliant


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The ET109-001 series reverse osmosis water filter drain adapter is designed to connect discharge line from an RO filter to the drain. The ET109-001 converts the plumbing of a single sink with garbage disposal to receive the reject water from an under-counter reverse osmosis appliance or a distillation system which has an automatic backwash
The ET109-001 series is most commonly used in condominiums, apartments, and cottages and is preferred way to connect RO system to the drain line. The ET109-001 eliminates gurgling sound and provides a safe and effective way to comply with local plumbing codes.
The ET109-001 reverse osmosis drain adapter is listed by UPC© and tested for compliance with IPC© and NSF© standards.

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