AG250-804 Hands-Free Floor Pedal and Water Faucet Valve for Residential Use

❤ HANDS-FREE CONVENIENCE: The AG250-804 enables precise hands-free control of water usage. Just press the pedal with your foot when you need water flow and release it to stop it: Wash dishes, meats, vegetables, or anything else with the convenience of a foot control faucet. Install it in the bathroom, and enjoy shaving, tooth brushing, face washing without wasting water. Handwashing becomes simple and convenient.

❤ EASY INSTALLATION: The AG250-804 is easy to install with few tools. Disconnect existing hoses from the water supply lines, insert battery-controlled water valve, and reconnect the hoses. Install the sink pedal on the floor or the baseboard and start using it. You will try to reach for your faucet handle for the first few times, but then, the sink pedal’s convenience will give you a sense of freedom. Install it in the bathrooms or your kitchen for the “complete house” experience.

❤ BATTERY LIFE: The AG250-804 operates from a single 9V battery. The battery lasts for 2 years with typical kitchen usage. The battery replacement is easy to do by pulling the old battery out and inserting a new battery. The valve is protected from battery reversal. There is no other maintenance required to keep the valve operational.

The AG250-804 Tap-A-Flow hands-free sink pedal is ideal for residential kitchens and bathrooms. Its hands-free operation helps keep your faucets. Using the sink pedal significantly reduces water consumption and provides precise control of water usage.

The AG250-804 is ideal for an active family with day-to-day kitchen usage. Once installed, many users do not want to switch back to hand-adjustable faucets. The convenience of hands-free operation makes the sink pedal an essential accessory to any kitchen or restroom installation. Pressing on the pedal starts water flow, and releasing the pedal stops the water flow. The AG250-804 is a stand-alone model for use with pedestal-type sinks, hanging cabinet sinks, or BBQ outdoor sinks.

For parents with young children, older adults with limited mobility, and toddlers who cannot reach faucets yet, the stand-alone sink pedal offers convenience and water conservation. With the sink pedal, there is no more “forgetting to turn the water off” problem. Older adults with hearing difficulties appreciate that convenience.

The Tap-A-Flow sink pedal is designed to ensure a quick and straightforward installation. The 9 volts battery-powered valve operates the sink pedal for 2 years.  To install Tap-A-Flow, drill a few holes, route control cable, and mount the valve in line with hot and cold water. The Tap-A-Flow works with any faucet type. Additional water hoses may be required to complete the installation.