AG180-002 Universal Multi-Drain Air Gap for Condensates, Water Softeners and Water Filters with 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch PVC and Copper Pipe Adapters

❤ EASY TO CONNECT: The AG180-002 air gap comes with pipe support adapters for 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch PVC and copper pipe connection. Snap-in retainer provides a simple way to secure 1/2-inch pipes. For larger pipes, use a pipe support adapter and a stainless-steel worm clamp. For pipes to stay in place, ensure they are secured to a support structure within 12-24 inches from the air gap. An air gap is a non-pressurized device, and therefore very little pressure is exerted on the pipes.

❤ STANDPIPE / DRAIN CONNECTION: The AG180-002 installs directly onto a 2-inch standpipe or connects securely to a floor drain using a stainless hook. This air gap can be used with plastic or metal standpipes. If needed, it can be glued in place to a plastic standpipe using regular PVC adhesive. The air gap is designed to drain up to 36 gallons per minute safely. The optimum recommended flow rate is 18 gallons per minute.

❤ SPLASH PROTECTION: The AG180-002 uses a funnel design to assure a splash-free operation. During water softener operation, an initial discharge surge can create splashing. Funnel design and side splash guards eliminate the possibility of water splashing outside of the air gap. Make sure that P-trap is located minimum 12-inches from the top of the standpipe. This is needed to avoid water splashback from the P-trap and to create static water pressure for continuous water drainage.

❤ DRAINAGE CONTROL: When water exits the air gap, depending on the drainpipe design, it may flow directly into a P-trap.  In some cases, this can create splashing noise that may be objectionable. To avoid excessive noise, it is recommended to use 22 degrees elbow inline with standpipe to avoid direct drainage into P-trap, but instead, let water flow on the side of the standpipe. The pipe elbow should be located at least 12 inches from the air gap to eliminate splashback.

❤ UNIVERSAL AIR GAP: The AG180-002 is a universal air gap that can accommodate flow rates below 36 GPM. The AG18-002 tested for strength and to make sure that every joint and connection will withstand at least 40lb of force and not break. The AG180-002 can accommodate up to 5 different discharge pipes and can handle the simultaneous flow from a water softener, RO filter, condensate, and iron filter. All discharge pipes should be pointed to the center of the air gap to provide the best drainage.

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The AG180-002 Universal Air Gap provides an effective way of connecting condensate, water softener, and RO and iron water filter discharge to a floor drain or 2-inch standpipe. This universal air gap installs into 2-inch standpipes or sits on top and attaches directly to a floor drain grill. This air gap connects to any floor drain grill using a stainless hook. Once connected to the drain grill, all water is discharged through the air gap.

The AG180-002 features three inlet ports that connect 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch PVC or copper pipes to drainage. The unique feature of this air gap is to be able to accommodate any number of drain lines draining together.

The AG180-002 provides a secure connection between drain lines and drain standpipe. Multiple accessories provide an easy way to connect any number of drains at the same location.  

This air gap is easy to use and legal to install in any state. The AG180-002 air gap is listed by UPC® and tested for compliance with IPC® standards.