AG180-002 Universal Condensate Air Gap

  • Installs to 2-inch stand pipe or a drain grill
  • Provides up to 5 ports for all drainage requirements
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Multiple accessories provide an easy way to accommodate 1/2 inch and ¾ inch pipes
  • Can be glued in place for permanent installations


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The AG180-102 Universal Air Gap is designed to provide and effective way of connecting condensates drains, water softener drains and Water filter drains to the drain lines. The universal air gap is designed to be installed on 2-inch standpipes or attached directly to the drain grill.

The AG180-102 features three inlet ports that connect ½ inch PVC pipes or ¾ inch PVC pipes to a drain line. The unique feature of this air gap is to be able to accommodate any number of drain lines draining together.

The AG180-102 provides a strong connection between drain lines and drain standpipe. Multiple accessories provide an easy way to connect any number of drains at the same location.

The AG180-102 air gap drain adapter is compliant with ASME standards for air gaps.

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