AG110-003 Reverse Osmosis Filter Air Gap

  • Easy connection to inlet and outlet ports
  • 1/4-inch inlet and 3/8-inch outlet ports
  • Lab tested at over 1/2 G.P.M. (2 Liters/minute)
  • Optimum suggested usage approximately 1 to 16 oz/minute (30 to 500 milliliters/minute)
  • UPC® listed, Tested for compliance to IPC and NSF standards



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The AG110 series Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filter air gaps are intended for installations with flows of 1/2 gallon/minute. This unit is a gravity flow device and as such must have a drain line feeding directly to a drain without kinks and bends. The RO air gap must be installed per the manufacturer’s instructions and permanently clamped or affixed into the down leg of drain line piping, such that the normal forward stream of water can continue flowing freely through the outlet piping. The inlet port fits 1/4-inch poly tuning and the outlet port fit 3/8-inch poly tubing.
The RO air gap provides the following advantages: Super strong material to provide secure connection, tested and listed for compliance with applicable plumbing codes to ensure legal installation, easy to install and easy to maintain.