ET116-004 Universal Drain Line Adapter with 1/2″ Barb Insert Inlet

  • Universal adapter accommodates 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, and 7/8″ dishwasher drain hose
  • Converts for installation with or without a dishwasher drain line connection
  • Comes with all fittings and instructions needed for installation
  • Simple installation bypasses existing plumbing with no pipes to undo
  • 1/2″ barb connection
  • Self cleaning venturi resists clogging with fewer “callbacks”
  • Silent operation eliminates most reject water noise
  • Solid professional connection
  • No drilling into wet pipes
  • Fast, easy installation
  • IAPMO/UPC & IPC Listed

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Universal 1/2″ RO Drain Adapter

The ET116-004 (DLA-D) Universal RO Drain Adapter is designed for installation on all garbage disposals where the dishwasher drain inlet is located. The RO Drain Adapter enables easy connection of dishwasher and RO drain lines to a garbage disposal unit. The design of the RO Drain Line Adapter eliminates gurgling sounds from RO water drain line and provides a legal way to connect RO system to drainage.

The universal RO Drain Adapter provides many advantages over non-compliant drain saddles and insures safety and piece of mind that your water supply is uncontaminated. These advantages include:

  • Adapts to many different house sizes
  • Super strong material to provide secure connection
  • Tested and listed for compliance with applicable plumbing codes to ensure legal installation
  • Dual ports to accommodate drainage flow from dishwasher and RO filter
  • Legal to install in any state

ET116-004 RO drain adapter is listed by UPC© and tested for compliance with IPC© and NSF© standards.


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