AG150-002 Gap-A-Flo (High Flow)

  • Model No. Gap-A-Flo: 21 (High Flow)
  • Unit approximately 8″ (20.32 cm) long
  • Recommended usage up to 12 gallons/minute
  • Provides a high flow in-line air gap, usually installed in the last 5 feet (1.5 meters) of the indirect drain piping and must be in the down leg of the drain line piping
  • Unit can be tilted at any angle (down as low as 45° angle) when installing if needed, (window opening on top side)
  • Molded clamp groove plus included “Jiffy Clip” enable easy vertical wall mounting
  • Unique design incorporates a rotatable splash guard/splatter shield, to eliminate splatter of water droplets out of either air gap opening
  • Multiple air gap openings far exceed the code mandated minimum of (1)¨ vertical
  • All noted threads are American NPT threads
  • All Amerigap™ units are UPC® listed
  • All Amerigap™ units are tested for compliance to IPC and NSF standards
  • Certification available for viewing and download here

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Water Softener air gaps generally are installed near the laundry facilities in the garage, basement or in the laundry room for convenient access to the house drainage piping and secondly, there almost never exists a dedicated (unused) standpipe just waiting to be used by the installer for surmounting their drain line air gap. Thus the critical feature of the air gap is its ability to share a standpipe with the washing machine drain hose.

Properly designed and installed, air gaps, like check valves, allow water to flow only in the desired direction. The key characteristics for an air gap is protection from back flow and back siphonage.

All units are dual listed by IPC and UPC©. Dual listing conveys generally this important message: countrywide as well as international acceptance.

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