AG170-013 Satin Nickel Decorative Cap for AG200-XXX series air gaps

  • ♥ Satin Nickel finish matches kitchen faucets and improves kitchen aesthetics. The surface matches both texture and sheen of existing appliances. The Satin Nickel finish is deposited on the copper substrate to assure permanent adhesion. This product will withstand years of cleaning and washing. The metalized surface will not rust, dull or diminish in quality.
  • ♥ Satin Nickel finish is brushed to match your kitchen appliances. It also matches very well with Brushed Nickel faucets as they are typically very similar in surface appearance and sheen.
  • ♥ This decorative cap uses strong plastic capable of withstanding hot water and mild soaps. It is spot resistant and will not tarnish or discolor with time.
  • ♥ The AG170-013 fits all Amerigap dishwasher and reverse osmosis air gap units. Additional colors are available to match your kitchen decor.


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The AG170-013 is a Satin Nickel decorative cap for dishwasher air gaps. The AG170-013 Satin Nickel cap replaces the default Polished Chrome decorative cap on the following Amerigap® dishwasher air gaps:  AG200-004AG200-005 and AG200-006

This decorative cap provides a more aesthetically pleasing look in the kitchen. Many homeowners prefer this cap to match the kitchen appliances including designer faucets. The AG170-013 plastic cap has a durable PVD coating that resist scratching, fading and aging. The Nickel coating is deposited on copper substrate to provide durable and long-lasting surface quality. The AG170-013 are easy to install and remove for cleaning air gaps. AG170-013 is the only decorative plate to comply with UPC standards applicable to dishwasher air gaps. It is tested with AG200-004, AG200-005 and AG200-006 to pass both UPC and IPC testing. This cap is also tested for compliance with NSF standard.

The AG17-013 is less expensive than solid brass version and is uniquely qualified to replace Polished Chrome and visibly be compatible Brushed Nickel faucets. The PVD coating process permanently attaches plating to plastic surface and provides years of trouble-free operation.

To clean your new decorative cap, use mild soap and soft sponge. Do not use any abrasives or abrasive sponges as they may leave permanent scratches and will damage protective surface.