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Order #: AG110-001 | Model: 31-S | Reverse Osmosis Air Gaps

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  • Easy connection to inlet and outlet ports. Depending on product chosen, inlet ports fit 1/4¨ or 3/8¨ flexible poly tubing. All outlet ports fit 3/8¨ poly tubing.
  • Kit S-C provides compact air gap unit and convenient mounting arrangement for RO type water coolers.
  • Kit S-D (pictured bottom left) provides a convenient alternative to include a code listed air gap unit in the indirect drain piping; if a dispensing faucet is not needed or is to be remotely located or if installer prefers not to use an air gap style dispensing faucet.
  • Unit designs lab tested at over 1/2 G.P.M. (2 Liter/minute) or more, depending on style of unit. Optimum suggested usage approximately 1 to 16 oz/min. (30 to 500 milliliters/minute).
  • S-A and S-B unit housing length approximately 3¨ (7.62 cm) long.
  • Vertical wall mounting bracket and screws included.
  • Listed by NSF® and UPC®.

Depending on installation, this unit enables full backflow and backsiphon backflow protection.

Kit S-A RO Drain Line Adapter


Kit S-B RO Drain Line Adapter

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Kit S-C RO Drain Line Adapter

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Kit S-D RO Drain Line Adapter

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Gap A RO Kit S-A
Gap A RO Kit S-B
Gap A RO Kit S-B
Gap A RO Kit S-C
Gap A RO Kit S-C
Gap A RO Kit S-D